Contemoporal is a term I contrived to disclose a concept regarding my current art practice. This methodology involves a reconditioning (de-acculturation) of my culturally conditioned state of mind and being. The process oriented nature of my works, whether they be object based or temporal, demonstrate the durational processes invested through actions and performances, threading the line between what is tangible and abstract.

Primarily, my work is an internal discourse that convey deeply rooted matters about loss, resilience, identity and the uncertainty of life. The notion to query my actions seek the essence and substance of these life experiences. They emphasize the subversive aspect of impermanence. The context behind my practice convey responses that interrogate and evoke a better understanding of what contemporary art practices can be, by addressing profound and relevant questions regarding its boundless potential and transitory characteristics.

These diverse approaches reflect my sensibility regarding, time, space, and the materials I interact with, addressing inquiries regarding authorship. My works historically respond to, and are closely associated with, performance works and dematerialization of the art object that flourished in the mid 1960s, minimalist conceptual drawing practices in the 1970s, and the continuing legacy of the Light and Space movement from the same era.