Notes on Current Art Initiatives: Physio-temporal Art Practice(s)

 Physio-temporal- addresses the dichotomies and consequential conditions between the obvious and the indiscernible;  access and amalgamation of materially shaped form and subtle phenomena.

 Physio-temporal[1] is a term I expanded and redefined to disclose an internal discourse that speak of the human condition. It conveys an emphasis on the subversive aspect of impermanence; a critical interrogation regarding our conceptions, relationships, and diverse sensibilities towards notions of entropy, of time and space, our societal and environmental trepidations, the Anthropocene. This expansion reconciles and bifurcates promise that respond and can go beyond pre-existing ideas of Suprematism and Minimalism—reconsidering the consequences of a materially accessible visual condition, the concealed and the unseen.

 My atramental mark-makings and temporal provocations evoke the notion to reinterpret current narratives and confront established dialogues of contemporary art. It is a political stance that resonate through methodologies of reductionism within the context of dematerialization of art. It is an anti-thesis towards the containing aspects of conventional thought and knowledge systems that subsist within power structures that govern us. Provocations that similarly incite de-acculturation processes which confront colonially conditioned states of mind and being; a redefinition and reignition of ethics, evolving values and moralities… a reimagined rhetoric of human existence.


“The closer we are to the fire, the more our visions appear with clarity. Yet caution, for we astound with such big shadows we cast.”

-Lexygius Sanchez Calip



[1] Physio- (combining form)- relating to nature and natural phenomena; temporal- relating to time as opposed to eternity, material, progressive, areligious.